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TRIPP LITE Minicom Mini KVM Console Switch Extender USB Kit TAA


TRIPP LITE Minicom Mini KVM Console Switch Extender USB Kit TAA


Product description

Product Description

The Mini KVM Extender USB is a high value, affordable solution for extending your KVM console from your computer or KVM switch to a distance of up to 70m/230-Feet away over clutter free CAT5/6/7 cables. If you're working from a small, home office (SOHO), the Mini KVM Extender USB is your preferred extended control solution - just place the KVM console where you want and the computer where you need and you're all set to go! For industrial applications such as manufacturing lines or clean rooms, the Mini KVM Extender USB provides maximum safety and security, allowing you to place computers and servers in a single centralized location, far away from any production hazards. IT managers seeking extended access to server rooms in a tightly secured environment will find the Mini KVM Extender USB particularly efficient and easy to use. Ideal also for presentation and training applications, the Mini KVM Extender USB provides flexibility and security coupled with highly attractive pricing. The Mini KVM Extender USB is made up of 2 micro sized, compact units on both ends: the Transmitter unit that connects to the computer and the Receiver unit that connects to the KVM hardware. The Mini KVM Extender USB is a pure hardware solution, making it both software and network independent.

From the Manufacturer

Increase your KVM control flexibility and extend a console over 230 ft. with Tripp Lite's 0DT23010 Mini USB KVM Extender. This extender allows you to control a computer or KVM switch from up to 230 ft. away using cost-effective Cat5 technology (Tripp Lite N201-Series), which not only saves money but reduces cable clutter and installation time. Using the 0DT23010, computers and KVM switches can be placed in a locked, environmentally controlled room for security, while being controlled from a completely different location. The unit is completely plug-and-play and compatible with any computer or KVM switch. For peace of mind, the 0DT23010 is RoHS and TAA-compliant and comes with a 3-year warranty.

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"tbody""tr" "td" "h5"Minicom by Tripp Lite 0DT23010 Mini Cat5 USB KVM Extender: "ul" "li"The ideal solution for secure, flexible KVM control "li"Manage a computer or KVM switch from up to 230 ft. away "li"Plug-and-play—no software or drivers to install "li"Supports resolutions up to 1600 x 1200 "li"Pure hardware solution—compatible with all operating systems "li"RoHS- and TAA-compliant design with a 3-year warranty
"h5"The Smart Solution for Extending KVM Control "p"With Minicom by Tripp Lite's 0DT23010 Mini USB KVM Extender, you can control a computer or KVM switch from up to 230 ft. away. This is an ideal solution for accessing computers or KVM switches centralized in one secure, environmentally controlled location such as those in financial, government or educational institutions. This prevents any possible hardware tampering and manipulation that could compromise the security and function of your networking equipment. The unit's cost-effective Cat5 technology saves money on deployment, reduces cable clutter and cuts installation time.

Easy, Plug-and Play Setup

With its innovative dongle design and utilization of Cat5 technology (Tripp Lite N201-Series), the 0DT23010 gets your application running quickly and easily. The micro-sized units eliminate cable clutter and routing difficulties inherent in thick KVM cables and allow you to create a more flexible application. With no software or drivers to install, the 0DT23010 is a completely plug-and-play solution for your networking needs.

Peace of Mind

The 0DT23010 comes with a three-year warranty and environmentally responsible RoHS- and TAA-compliant design.

0DT23010 Application
The Smart Solution for Extending KVM Control
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0DT23010 Connection Diagram
0DT23010 Connection Diagram
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Technical Specifications

0DT23010 Feature Focus
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Minicom by Tripp Lite Mini Cat5 USB KVM Extender:
Maximum video resolution: 1600 x 1200
Port compatibility : VGA; USB; Cat5
Extension Distance: 230 ft.
Material of construction: Plastic
Agency approvals: RoHS; TAA compliant
Warranty: 3-year
What's in the Box
What’s in the Box
"ul" "li"Local Transmitter Unit "li"Remote Receiver Unit "li"External Power Supply for Receiver Unit "li"Owner's Manual
MiniCom by Tripp Lite
Console Extenders
Compatibility PS/2 PS/2 USB USB
Connectors PS/2; HD15; RJ45 PS/2; HD15; RJ45 USB A; PS/2; HD15; RJ45 USB A; HD15; RJ45
Extension Distance 360 ft. 230 ft. 230 ft. 500 ft.
Warranty 3-year 3-year 3-year 3-year

Tripp Lite Protects, Connects and Organizes All Electronics

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Tripp Lite has been a trusted manufacturer of innovative solutions since 1922. With more than 2,500 different products, including UPS systems, rack systems and cooling solutions, PDUs, PowerAlert software for enterprise-level system management and control, surge suppressors, KVM switches, cables and connectivity products, inverters, power strips and notebook accessories, Tripp Lite offers the complete solution to almost any IT application.

Tripp Lite UPS Systems

Tripp Lite's UPS Systems are the most reliable and cost-effective solution available for protecting and supporting critical equipment in any environment. With capacities from 350VA to 80kVA, Tripp Lite UPS Systems can protect critical systems from desktop to data center. SmartPro ® Line Interactive models offer Advanced Automatic Voltage Regulation that keeps equipment working through low voltage indefinitely without draining battery power. Top-of-the-line SmartOnline™ models offer true, on-line, double-conversion operation with pure sine wave output to keep equipment totally isolated from power problems.

"h5"Tripp Lite Surge Suppressors "p"From basic to premium, Tripp Lite's surge suppressors offer powerful protection for all electronics. Protect It™! Surge Suppressors provide convenient AC outlets and safeguard connected equipment from damaging surges, spikes and line noise. Tripp Lite's Isobar® models are the world's best-selling premium surge suppressors, with over 18 million in use.

Tripp Lite Rack Enclosures

SmartRack™ Rack Enclosures from Tripp Lite organize and protect rackmount servers, storage and network/telecom equipment quickly and conveniently. Racks are available in a variety of form factors including standard with doors and side panels, wall-mount, open frame and specialty configurations.

Tripp Lite Power Distribution Units

For reliable rackmount power distribution in high-density IT environments, look no further than Tripp Lite. Tripp Lite's Single- and 3-Phase PDUs come with available features like vertical or horizontal rackmount configuration, digital load meters, network interface, remote outlet control, individually breakered load banks, automatic transfer switching, hot-swap capability and more.

"h5"Tripp Lite KVM Switches "p"Control your entire network from a desktop or 1U of rack space! Tripp Lite KVM switches allow you to control multiple servers via one keyboard, monitor and mouse. With models that control from two to 512 computers or servers, Tripp Lite has the KVM solution for any network application.

"h5"Tripp Lite Cables and Connectivity "p"Tripp Lite offers a comprehensive line of cables, adapters, splitters, switches and extenders, including network (copper and fiber-optic), display (HDMI, DVI, VGA, DisplayPort), audio/video, USB, FireWire®, power, storage and more. Tripp Lite's connectivity solutions offer everything you need to get your network, digital signage, audio/video or power application up and running.

TRIPP LITE Minicom Mini KVM Console Switch Extender USB Kit TAA

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